"Its not what you say that's important. Its how you say it that matter."

My immense experience in this field, helped me understand that our voice is a precious gift,
one is not born with a rich voice, it needs to be trained enough to modulate, variate and able to express effectively.
I have channeled this experience in my voice modulation courses,
to assist you to make proper use of your voice can emphasize and strengthen every message you deliver.
Your sincerity and credibility is expressed by your voice.


Improve your speaking voice with our voice modulation courses.

Refine the pitch

People might tune out your voice if it sounds monotonous.  Varying your pitch will eliminate a monotonous sound and make it more likely that they will keep listening to you

Improve your tempo

The tempo is the pace of your speech. Slowing the tempo of your speech will help you to place more emphasis on certain words and phrases.

Control your voice

Adjusting the volume of your voice up or down can add emphasis or intimacy to different parts of your conversation.

Show your emotions

Allow the timber, or emotional quality of your voice, to show when you are expressing yourself.


A few testimonials regarding these courses


Did Prasanna's basic voice-over workshop over four days. Found the sessions very informative, engaging and useful. Prasanna has an easy to approach nature and style and brings you advice, tips and shared experiences from his many years in the industry. Which add to the over-all learnings. I am technically challenged and Prasanna also helped me understand the technical side of voice overs patiently. Over the sessions we covered multiple genres - documentaries, e-learning, stories for children, advertisements, promotions, IVRs and so on. His constant encouragement and positive attitude are an added bonus.
Thank you Prasanna for helping me explore and experiment with different languages and voices, genres and range.
I enjoyed the sessions and benefited much from them.Definitely recommend it for anyone looking to learn and understand the art of voice overs.


It was a great experience getting an introduction to Voice Modulation & NLP from Prasanna. I had heard about NLP but never really got around to know what it is. The biggest challenge I feel is making people understand NLP & Prasanna made this simple with his great examples. I got to know so many things that have made my life more valuable using NLP such as - Self-talk, belief systems, mental maps, modalities, anchoring. This was very much needed for me since I had just quit my job being unhappy with my career & wanted direction. For me, by far the biggest take away from the introduction was Self-talk - how to remove it or replace it with self-motivation. I am looking forward to attending a full workshop whenever Prasanna decides to do so.


" awaz ki duniya ke dosto, agar aap apni AAWAZ se parichay lena chahte hai toh
Mere Dil se Guzarish hai ke PRASANNA's Voice workshop zaroor kare"
I truly enjoyed attending it
My hearty good wishes to Prasanna!


In the two days workshop, Prasanna gave us the insight of the voice over world. It was a great experience to learn different genres, styles and voice modulations with help of demos and live recordings. Highly recommended workshops . Looking forward to attend more of these


"Positive Voice" is really the Positive Voice and Prasanna Vajandar is really Vajandar. Here one is not trained mechanically but groomed as to tomorrow's true professional voice actors for all kind of applications


Prasanna is a very confident and poised speaker. I am glad that I attended a workshop on voice over conducted by him as he shared his vast knowledge and experience in such a way that I feel confident about practicing it myself. The tips and exercises that he taught us are very useful and practical. I strongly recommend this course to anybody who wants to pursue voice over as a career to attend this workshop.


The journey and the ambition

The Journey

I have been doing voice over professionally since 2009 and am a certified Radio Jockey. In just three short years, I made my home studio in my room into a full-fledged business .


The Work

I have lent my Voice for more than thousand hours for multiple brands spread across different continents in 3 major languages English , Hindi & Marathi.

The Voice

My voice is warm and friendly with an easy listening accent and style that is perfect across various genres, it is known to make people smile just from hearing it.


"The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play."

~Richard Strauss